What is Heathenry?

Heathenry is the reconstruction of the pre-Christian beliefs of the ancient Germanic peoples, who lived in what is now modern Germany, France, England, Scandinavia, Iceland, and eastern Europe.


Heathenry is a religion of community. Frith binds together families, both blood and non-blood, while luck and honor indicate one's reputation in the wider social sphere.


Heathenry is a religion that practices ancestor veneration. Our lives, our luck, and our reputations are born from the deeds and words of those who came before us.


Heathenry is a religion of gods and spirits. We believe in and worship a pantheon of deities who are real and present, and we honor the spirits of the land and home.

The longship is the beginning of a journey. In ancient times, it bore merchants and raiders alike across the seas, changing their lives, leading them to riches and war. In the spirit of the vessels of old, this website aims to be a beginner’s guide to all individuals interested in studying Heathenry. Because regional traditions differ from each other in many ways, this website cannot address every possible nuance of Heathenry. Instead, it covers the basics—the foundations—upon which all regional traditions are built. This website provides a framework for any person interested in Heathenry and suggestions on how to continue one’s studies.


Read posts from our contributors, follow our Heathen interview series, and collect new recipes and DIY ideas for the hearth and home.

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