What is Heathenry?

Heathenry is a revivalist religion seeking to bring the practice of the ancient Germanic peoples into the present day. In simplest terms, it uses information inferred or represented in scholarship to form the foundation of a modern, polytheistic religious tradition.


Heathens possess a worldview aligned with the cosmological concepts of the Well and the Tree, and they accept wyrd and orlæg as cosmic forces.


Heathens engage in the gift cycle through reciprocity with appropriate divine figures—the gods, the ancestors, and the wights.


Heathens are animistic, polytheistic, and/or panentheistic. Heathenry is a religion, not an exercise in living history or cultural affection.

The longship is the beginning of a journey. In ancient times, it bore merchants and raiders alike across the seas, changing their lives, leading them to riches and war. In the spirit of the vessels of old, this website aims to be a beginner’s guide to all individuals interested in studying Heathenry. Because regional traditions differ from each other in many ways, this website cannot address every possible nuance of Heathenry. Instead, it covers the basics—the foundations—upon which all regional traditions are built. This website provides a framework for any person interested in Heathenry and suggestions on how to continue one’s studies.


Read posts from our contributors, follow our "Heathens in Profile" series, and collect new recipes and DIY ideas for the hearth and home.

Holiday Calendar Examples

Holidays can be an exciting time for new Heathens, but they can also bring confusion, especially since two different Heathens can celebrate different holidays depending on which regional branches of Heathenry influence their hearths. Creating a holiday Read more…

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