Holidays can be an exciting time for new Heathens, but they can also bring confusion, especially since two different Heathens can celebrate different holidays depending on which regional branches of Heathenry influence their hearths. Creating a holiday calendar can be a challenge. To help new Heathens set up their own calendars, I have constructed four examples for the 2019 calendar year based on the example template on Helio’s blog. The moon phases are based on Eastern Standard Time, as well. Heathens living in the Southern Hemisphere will need to flip these calendars around to suit their seasons.

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Norse solar

The Norse solar calendar is probably the most well known holiday calendar used by modern Heathens because of influence from the Wiccan Wheel of the Year. This calendar schedules the three major sacrifices described in Ynglinga Saga, as well as midsummer, on the solstices and equinoxes.

A Norse solar calendar using equinoxes and solstices.

Norse lunisolar

British monk Bede famously wrote about the pre-Christian, Germanic system of timekeeping, which is accessible in the book Bede: The Reckoning of Time by Faith Wallace (Liverpool University Press, 1999). His writings are the only surviving attestations of a Germanic lunisolar calendar, which contributes to the theory that the ancient Germanics used lunisolar calendars. With this in mind, I have constructed the following calendar using the three major sacrifices described in Ynglinga Saga and midsummer.

A Norse lunisolar calendar using the cycles of the moon.


To construct the Anglo-Saxon holiday calendar, I consulted with our friends at Lārhūs Fyrnsida. They provided the holiday list and also helped me determine the exact dates of the holidays for the 2019 calendar.

An Anglo-Saxon calendar using the cycles of the moon and a modern, reconstructed holiday.


We purposefully chose not to include a list of holidays for Continental Heathenry on this website because there are too many different Continental traditions with their own calendars of holidays. However, I wanted to include an example calendar that a hypothetical practitioner of Saxon Heathenry could potentially use, to represent Continental Heathenry in this blog post.

To construct this calendar, I decided to use a lunisolar system, and I also consulted with various Continental Heathens on the Skíðblaðnir Discord server regarding the holidays they personally observe. This calendar is the result of their input and feedback. The names of the holidays are in Old Saxon, reconstructed using Wiktionary.

A Saxon calendar using the phases of the moon and modern, reconstructed holidays.

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