Six months ago, The Longship went live.

To be honest, we’re still reeling a bit from the positive reception the website has received. Of course, we’ve received criticism as well, which we believe we have taken in stride. The Longship is not meant to be the perfect solution to every Heathen’s needs, nor did we ever intend for it to encompass everything a Heathen must know. We wanted to provide only the first stepping stone, and based on our stats over the past six months, we believe we have succeeded!

Some statistics:

  • In the last six months, The Longship has been viewed 31,698 times. That’s an average of 5,283 views a month!
  • In that same time period, The Longship has been visited by 5,130 unique users for an average of 855 users per month.
  • Of those 5,130 unique users, 3,550 were from the United States, 498 from the UK, and 430 from Canada. Those countries are the top three in terms of user numbers, while the next three after them are Australia, Brazil, and Germany.
  • The population of visitors to the site is overwhelmingly made of new visitors: 78.8%! This means 23.2% of the population were return visitors.
  • The Longship received the most traffic during November, which was when we published our post showcasing some holiday calendar examples.
  • Most of The Longship’s visitors arrived via direct links to the website (56.54%), while smaller portions were referred by Facebook (19.24%) and Reddit (4.07%) or arrived organically through Google searches (13.41%).

Overall, these numbers show that The Longship has had an amazing run over the last six months. And it’s not over yet!

The future of The Longship

We plan to continue our regular schedule of bi-monthly posts, alternating between helpful perspectives, tips, and advice for beginner Heathens and the Heathens in Profile interviews. We have some exciting topics planned, as well as the insights of several unique individuals within modern Heathenry. However, these posts will only continue until July. After that point, The Longship will go silent while we work on updating the website with audio clips of all written content. In order to reach the widest audience, our content needs to be more accessible, and audio clips will allow people with reading comprehension issues or vision impairments to learn as easily as others.

Whether we will pick up publishing blog posts after completing that effort remains to be seen. Either way, we hope The Longship continues to be a valuable resource for beginner Heathens — and for those who have been practicing for a while, too!

Thank you so much to our readers and visitors! We could not have accomplished this much without your support.

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