Almost a year has passed since The Longship first launched in August 2018. When I first conceived of the idea, I was unsure how often people would use it, if at all. But I knew this kind of resource — a free crash course on the fundamentals of Heathenry — was missing from the religion’s digital landscape. I wanted to create something accessible and easy to understand, a door, a first step. Needless to say, I am blown away by the reception The Longship has received over the past year and I’m happy with the amount of content we have generated in that timeframe.

But as I mentioned, I want to make it an accessible resource, which means providing other means by which people can consume said content. Reading a webpage is only one avenue. Some people learn better by listening, or they have sight or reading impairments that make text difficult to comprehend. Now that The Longship has proven its value, I want make it available to even more people than it is now. As mentioned in the mid-year review post we published in February, we will take a break from writing new content in order to produce audio recordings of all of the current content. I don’t know how long it will take, and I won’t be pressuring myself to follow a strict schedule, either. It will not be a podcast. They will be audio recordings linked at the top of each relevant page and blog post so that visitors can listen, instead of read, if they want to.

To all of our visitors who have been with us since the first day (or earlier!): thank you. To all of those who just discovered us recently: thank you. And to everybody in-between: thank you. Without your kind words, we would not have gotten this far. Without your support, we would not be thinking of the future of The Longship and how to improve it. We hope we can continue to aid you in your studies as Heathens.

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