For Heathens, the most important ritual is the hearth cult offering ritual performed at home. This ritual is usually performed by the “familial priest” — the individual chosen to perform rituals on behalf of the hearth. Other members of the hearth can be observers or participate as assistants.

The two group Heathen rituals are blót (OE blōt) and sumbel (ON sumbl, OE symbel).

During a blót, a sacrifice is given by the group to the gods in a similar manner to the hearth cult offering ritual. However, modern Heathens will only hold a blót on holidays or for important group events, such as weddings and funerals. Blóts are also a good time to make animal sacrifices, as several helpers are necessary for the humane slaughter of an animal and the collection of its blood.

Sumbel, on the other hand, is an Anglo-Saxon drinking ritual that has spread to other Heathen traditions. During a sumbel, members of the community participate in several rounds of drinking, toasting, boasting, gifting, and oath-making. One common format involves one round to address the gods, one round to address the ancestors, and one round to address fellow members of the community.