A kindred is a group of individuals who live near each other and worship together. This term was popularized by practitioners of Ásatrú to describe their worship groups in the same way Wiccans describe theirs as covens. Some Heathens also use this term, but some do not, as part of the effort to diversify away from Ásatrú.

Due to the emphasis on hearth cult within Heathenry, Heathens generally do not believe joining a local worship group is necessary. Instead, Heathens prefer what has been coined as “Freehold Heathenry,” which emphasizes the independence of individual hearths that are loosely networked to their neighbors in a commonwealth. For more on Freehold Heathenry, we recommend the article “Frēosceatt Hæþendom and þe Frīfolc” on the blog Of Axe and Plough.